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The era of portable devices, such as laptops, came a long time ago and it is hardly surprising that it has become increasingly easier to prefer them to desktop computers. If you look at the statistics, you will see that the laptop market is developing much faster than PCs and “fixed” technology, creating a demand that grows more and more day by day.

What are laptops

A laptop can be a PC that will be easily transported to a variety of places. It is also called a laptop. It can run an equivalent set of software and a set of files like that of a personal computer. A laptop has a built-in monitor, keyboard, touchpad, and speakers and can be powered by a rechargeable battery. It was invented by British designer Bill Moggridge an innovator of portable technology. A laptop is widely used due to its versatile nature that is well suited to increasingly hectic times and the need to constantly move.

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Advantages of laptops

Mobility –

The main advantage of a laptop, compared to a desktop computer, is its mobility. The light and compact dimensions, and the integrated battery inside the laptop allow you to simply move from one place to another without giving up the work and leisure opportunities offered by desktop computers. Many models are often worn in minimal time, used in a park, in a bar or transported with a car.

Final product –

The laptop is simple to use and does not need any additional devices. It’s all integrated like its keyboard, mouse, and touchpad), built-in speakers, and built-in microphone, and many laptops have a built-in camera.

Internet access –

Internet access is the second benefit to the increased demand for laptops because it provides the power to access the web through wireless technology smarter than fixed devices that are more stable with a fixed connection.

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The main advantage of a laptop is its mobility.

Offline operations –

The laptop is also comfortable to use for all kinds of presentations. In this case, you are not dependent on the technical equipment of the venue. Since the laptop can also work in offline mode from the battery, without needing to connect to the network.

Immediate –

Usually, carry a laptop to have instant access to information, be it personal or professional. The result is better collaboration between colleagues and students.

Disadvantages of laptops

Frequent updates –

Laptops need to be updated frequently due to their integrated design. The only parts that will be updated are the hard drive and memory as these are the only parts that are accessible to the user. It is very difficult to fix it. Since each laptop has its own proprietary design and build, they are difficult to update. In addition, they also require a high maintenance cost.

Higher Price –

Laptops are more expensive than PCs because the smaller components required by the laptop are also expensive.

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Carry a laptop to have instant access to information, be it personal or professional.

Difficulty of customization –

The laptop does not offer options for customization consistent with your needs. The laptop gives simple hardware access to the computer’s memory and disk drive only. Components such as processors, graphics cards and cooling systems are not easy to access and replace. So when one of the laptop’s non-personalization components becomes outdated, you’ll need to purchase a replacement laptop to keep up with the technology.

Interest of the bad guys –

Laptops are generally stolen due to their high cost. The thieves can then breach stolen business data or personal data. Therefore, the physical protection of laptops and the safeguarding of knowledge are critical.

Health problems –

Prolonged use of laptops can cause RSI due to the flat keyboard and trackpad pointing devices. The laptop’s built-in screen often causes users to have a difficult vision which can cause neck or spine injuries.

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The laptop is also comfortable to use for all kinds of presentations.

Duration –

Due to their high portability, laptops are subject to increased wear and tear. Laptop components such as display hinges, latches, and power jacks can gradually deteriorate through ordinary use.

The advantages, however, far outweigh the disadvantages, making laptops the perfect technological allies for work and leisure.

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