Mobile cover

Currently owning a mobile phone is almost a norm, as the years go by each day, more and more models with innovative features are emerging that invite consumers to update their equipment every so often.
Each mobile has a series of accessories (Keychain Power Bank) with multiple functions and features, this in order to improve the user experience and also protect the mobile phone from any external agent that may cause temporary or permanent damage.…

Carnet Domains

Carnet domains or .hr is Croatia’s internet ccTLD or country code top-level domain. If you are interested or you have plans to kickstart your online venture with this specific domain, there are several basic things you have to know first.

About .hr Domains

CARNet or Croatian Academic and Research Network is in charge of administering .hr domains, which pretty much explains why they are also known as Carnet domains. This is being done through the CARNet DNS Committee that determines the policy, as well as the CARNet DNS Service which is the one that handles the daily matters.…