Unique Croatian carnet Domains

Carnet Domains

Carnet domains or .hr is Croatia’s internet ccTLD or country code top-level domain. If you are interested or you have plans to kickstart your online venture with this specific domain, there are several basic things you have to know first.

About .hr Domains

CARNet or Croatian Academic and Research Network is in charge of administering .hr domains, which pretty much explains why they are also known as Carnet domains. This is being done through the CARNet DNS Committee that determines the policy, as well as the CARNet DNS Service which is the one that handles the daily matters.

This Committee is made up of members that are generally connected with the academic community. The SRCE used to operate the Service up to the year 2010. Since the 1st of July 2010, the operations of the service were then divided by among SRCE, CARNet itself, and several registrars.

Carnet Domains

The registrants are being classified into a varied number of groups with various rules regarding the registrations of their domains. The requirement of being connected to Croatia, such as being a permanent resident, a registered company, or a citizen is common to all the categories with .com.hr being the only exception. The third level domains, such as example.com.hr, are also given the chance to be registered for anyone around the world provided that they give a local contact.

Several categories of the registrants are allowed to register CARNet domains directly at a second level. However, in general, it is limited to one for every legal entity. However, there are a few special categories for which some additional registrations are also allowed which generally involve projects deemed to be of interest to the public.

Carnet Domains

There are third level registrations as well which include individuals in some special domains like .iz.hr and the unlimited number of the registrations in the .com.hr. The only difference is that these are not as popular as the second level names with direct registration under .hr.

And when you register a domain you will also need web hosting.

The Statistics

In March 2017, there were about 30.33 percent of all .hr domains that were served through the secured HTTPS protocol in which the cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority is the most famous SSL certificate. The most famous web server is Apache that serves 65.93 percent of .hr domains which is then followed by Microsoft-IIS which serves 13.23 percent of all the .hr domains. As of December 14, 2017, there were more than 100,000 CARNet domains registered.

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Requirements and Limitations

In order to register domains, the applicant must be a representative of a company in Croatia with a valid OIB or the ID number being used for purposes of tax in Croatia. The .hr registrations are allowed to two for every individual and 10 for every company.

The registration of CARNet domains is available to all the private individuals in Croatia, foreign legal entities with registered Croatia-based subsidiary, and legal entities with Croatian registration.
This type of registration is limited solely to the residents and citizens of Croatia, and organizations and companies in the country. There are different restrictions and rules implemented according to the categories of the registrants.

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