Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses: Best features at low price

Virtual reality (VR) headsets like the popular Oculus Rift is a revolutionary in immersive entertainment. If the product at $500 seems to be too pricey, you can get the same superior look and feel with Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses at just $10. The headset is compatible with Android and iOS devices, turning your smartphone into the ultimate gaming experience. There are several factors that make the Shinecon VR stand apart from others in the competition. Here is an insight into the different features of the Shinecon VR.


Lightweight T-strap

The super adjustable T-strap prevents any kind of pressure on the head while playing. The device is designed for a 360-degree view, which means you would prefer an extra secured snug band around your head. The Ventilation Thermal Design cools down the phone when the application is active. As a result, the player can only focus on the game and does not need to share the screen with other viewers.

Superior user experience

When the phone screen is close to your face, you may end up exposing yourself in too much light. The Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses use resin lens that does not cause any dizziness or fatigue when the user removes the device. A blue coating film protects your eyes from potential damage. The headset has knobs on both sides extending in front that helps in image focusing. Change anything about the view, such as the distance of the pupil from the screen to accurately focus on your eyesight. The device is compatible with over 300 VR applications within the iOS store and Google Play Store. A detachable magnetic cover is located in the front of the headset that can be removed if you need to use your phone’s camera.

Prerequisites for Shinecon use

Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses must first be set up properly with your smartphone. Download the VR Games App so that your phone becomes compatible with your headset. After program installation, check to see whether the display is in sync with your screen. Insert your smartphone by opening the cover plate. The criteria to make your smartphone compatible with the headset is that the phone screen size should be 4.7-6.0 inches, length 154mm or less, width 82mm or less.

Bundle accessories

The Shinecon VR comes bundled with certain accessories. This includes – user manual, cleaning cloth, and the warranty card. The packaging is lightweight which makes shipment easier. There are various companies distributing the product. When looking for discounts, make sure to check whether the company provides these necessary bundled accessories. While the games come at a steep price, the Shinecon product is worth the purchase as it gives you a feel of VR with performance on par with some of the top products available today.

ShineconVirtual Reality Glasses project motions in 3D. Hence, as the player, you must also act as if you are right there in the setting. The stylish and padded VR glass is comfortable to wear. The affordable 3D VR headset apart from playing games lets you to watch movies to get the real feel of being out there.

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